Welcome Graduate Students

When we first read about a topic it might feel like this water droplet on the surface of the leaf: Potentially useful but not yet in the right “spot” for us to make full use of the information. Or perhaps we feel totally overwhelmed by the new ideas and concepts which we are encountering.

The act of translating new learning for others. Sharing our research findings can help us move that new learning from the surface level into our root system: Where it can make a difference to our growth and also help others.

Your comments to this blog, will be public and read by at least the other grad students in our class. You can based your comments on required reading of current research and theory in academic journals, your application of course content into field experiences, and other opportunities for learning that come your way.  Who knows, perhaps we will develop a wider audience yet. ; )

Consider as you post: What would be helpful to someone else wanting to learn how to be a great teacher? How can you translate academic-speak into accessible knowledge that can make a difference in a classroom application? Be sure your posts are well-referenced and clearly written! I look forward to all the places we’ll grow.

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