Introductory Posts

Hello Pedagogy Graduate Friends,

I am excited about the possibility of this blog, for both the sharing and learning I will receive from all of your research and thoughts, but also because this is another great way to go hands-on and learn about another Web 2.0 technology–blogging!

Since I am pursuing a 5-12 Social Studies license, my main research interests revolve around effective teaching and incorporation of research that motivates/inspires students in the realm of SS curriculum. For me, my specific passions include incorporating constructivist principles, hands-on, expeditionary-style learning, and other social justice and environmental approaches into the classroom.

I cannot wait to begin to pass on all I have learned and want to share with students. With the inspirational teaching I have received from so many in life, I look forward to giving back and in turn empowering the next generation to be thoughtful, informed, compassionate citizens of the world!

And lastly, here’s a great resource that I found online of late through my work with MN Green Corps about a support system for schools interested in moving in sustainable directions called Eco Schools…check it out and see if you might be interested in bringing its programs and tools to your schools!

With much to learn,



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  1. jessilangert

    That website had some really great ideas! Thanks for sharing that with us!

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