Introductory Post

Hello fellow grad students!

I am very much looking forward to jumping into the Graduate portion of Ed. Psych! I hope we can learn lots of new and exciting things from each other. Web 2.0 is something that is totally foreign to me for now, so I know this will be a great learning experience for me as well.

I am pursuing my 5-12 Communication Arts & Literature license, and it feels great to have arrived here in my career/life path. I majored in English at St. Ben’s (I’m a Bennie!) with a Communication minor, and I worked in corporate marketing and PR for four years prior to making the choice to pursue a teaching career. I also run a little side photography business, but that is mostly for fun! I have such a passion for literature of all kinds, and I become absolutely elated at the prospect of someday getting to share that passion with students. I really think that English class is about so much more than books–it’s about history, cultural identity, personal identity, critical thinking and creative thought.

I tend to lean bit more toward Empirical thinking when it comes to my teaching philosophy–I am very open trying new things and implementing non-traditional teaching methods, but I also want to create some type of clearly measurable progress in the classroom. Maybe that’s my “it’s all about the bottom line” corporate experience rubbing off on me…In any case, I am so eager to learn more about new and exciting ways to work with students in the classroom, particularly by using new technology that is both interesting and useful to students!


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