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Hey everyone!

I am excited to finally get started with this! I have some blogging experience (I run a craft blog on tumblr), but I have never had to blog for class before. I am interested to see how this type of technology is used as an educational platform!

Currently, I am working towards a K-12 license in Visual Arts. I have a BFA in studio arts/photography from the University of Iowa, and I have been interested in teaching for several years. However, I have been putting off actually completing a licensure program until now. The lack of arts funding in the public school system is not very good for motivation. But, I am happy I finally decided to commit. Growing up, art was sort of like my safe haven in the emotional, awkward, transitional landscape known as high school. Stepping behind the camera or in front of a canvas, gave me what I felt like was a fearless shield with which to face the world. Even if it meant walking around all day with black charcoal smudges on my face or paint flecks in my hair. I just hope that I can take some of the love that I have for art classrooms and pass that along to my students.

Outside of school, I work at the University of Minnesota at the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health on a grant-funded project with local bars and restaurants. I also brew beer and play a lot of bingo.




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