Summary of Curriculum Integration: The Use Of Technology To Support Learning

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article titled “Curriculum Integration: The Use of Technology To Support Learning” taken from a 2009 issue of the Journal Of College Teaching & Learning.  The article explains how people learn in numerous ways.  The ways in which they learn are also evolving with time.  The authors reference Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences several times.  They justify how technology can support these multiple intelligences and numerous ways of learning.  Students can learn at all levels and gain knowledge of any subject area when effectively using innovative technology (Brammer, Gaudet, Jackson, & McDaniel, 2009). 

I strongly agree with the statements above.  It doesn’t matter what level a student is at or how they learn, technology can enrich their classroom experience.  “Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, coupled with an understanding of how effective technology can enhance the learning community, can meet the diverse learning needs of all students” (Brammer, Gaudet, Jackson, & McDaniel, 2009).  Utilizing technology in classrooms will provide benefits in regards to students and their academic careers, as well as providing knowledge and skills that will support them throughout their lives.  Teachers need to become educated on how to properly incorporate technology into their classrooms.  It will provide invaluable benefits to all students.

Brammer, D., Gaudet, L., Jackson, A., McDaniel, L. (2009). Curriculum Integration: The Use Of Technology To Support Learning. Journal Of College Teaching & Learning. Vol. 6, No. 7


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  1. We know that almost any strategy a teacher uses will have some beneficial learning outcome for students. The question is more about “effect size.” Is the strategy more/less effective for a larger/smaller number of students in the room.
    Did they reference anything about just how beneficial the use of technology was in their study or what types of integration produces the largest effect-sizes?

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