Summary of Using You Tube in the Classroom

I could not agree more with the article I recently read regarding the use of You Tube in the classroom.  It is a technology that is heavily used in classrooms around the world daily.  One of the most important statements I pulled from this article states “Just like any emerging technology tool, You Tubes value is not a given-it depends on how the teacher uses the video content to support and advance learning” (Dyck, 2007).  This is so critical these days, especially with all of the technology that is available and ever changing.  Technology should be used to supplement and enrich your lessons, it should not take over the lesson. 

You Tube can be great way to introduce a topic or instigate a discussion (Dyck, 2007).  There are an endless amount of educational clips that can be extremely useful in the classroom.  However, there are a few precautions a teacher should take when using certain clips for class.  There may be inappropriate clips, comments or sites that are affiliated with a certain page; most of which are unfiltered.  This is where a teacher needs to be vigilant about serving as a moderator between You Tube videos and the students (Dyck, 2007). 

You Tube is a great tool that I look forward to utilizing in the classroom.  I believe its benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks.  It is the teachers responsibility to find an appropriate clip before class and have it ready to go.  It can be an extremely effective way to engage students and prepare them for the lesson you are teaching or discussing. 

Dyck, B. (2007). Using You Tube in the Classroom. Education World. 5/15/2007


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  1. jessilangert

    I love that quote you pulled out of that article! It’s true of so many aspects of the Web 2.0. It can be distracting or it can be truly useful and meaningful, depending on the context. I know from experience that it can help the students be able to grasp a concept better because they are able to visualize the concept. And it’s a free resource! That’s so crucial when every penny counts in schools.

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