Summary of “Serious Games and Learning Effectiveness: The Case of It’s a Deal!”

This article is about a study that was done about the effectiveness of a certain game called It’s a Deal!  in learning for cultural awareness. This was done with college business students who were proficient enough in English to do the program. They found that the learners who knew the least English were able to learn the most from this program, with very high success rates. This project generated a lot of positive comments and showed increased engagement in the game (Guillen-Nieto, Aleson-Carbonell, 20121, para. 13).

This article is specifically about the integration of technology in the classroom. By dealing with a specific game that was meant to increase cultural awareness, they were able to show the benefit of using this particular program and technology in learning. However, in the larger context, this article was meant to show through extrapolation that games have been developed and will continue to be developed that will benefit cultural learning and enhance learning for students.


Guillen-Nieto, V., Aleson-Carbonell, M. (2012). Serious Games and Learning Effectiveness: The Case of It’s a Deal!. Computers & Higher Education, 58, 1, pp. 435-448.


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