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Joy has created her own blog to reflect on distance education. See what she is thinking about here!


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by | June 26, 2012 · 6:20 pm

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  1. It was interesting to note the author made this emphasis – include all research, even if it reflects unfavorably about one’s own classroom. That takes courage to be transparent enough to admit our own faults or shortcomings, but I think it also identifies one vital aspect of a truly good teacher. The all-inclusive directive means maybe that paper wadded up in the bottom of the waste basket at first glance may not be important, but is part of the overall assessment.
    In reading about action research, an excellent concept is to pair a veteran teacher with a newbie. Mentoring is not new, but should be used far more in the educational realm. Older teachers have a lot of wisdom to impart to the younger generation and the younger ones often have new ideas, enthusiasm, and energy to impart to the instructor who’s been in the trenches for years. Working together with the intent of pooling strengths and perhaps discovering weaknesses to fix is a great idea. Walking a mile in the student’s moccasins is also important. We should practice empathy and attempt to understand today’s student and the world they live in.

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