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Intro…I think I’m in the right place…

Hello, Shalom, Aloha, privyet…

By way of introduction, my name is Rick MacChesney.  I have a degree from Augsburg college, the ‘major’ I got has a long flowery title: Russian and Eastern European Studies.  Basically, an international relations degree with a focus on what used to be considered the Soviet sphere.

I’ve been to Russia twice, spent a total of over 7 months there.  I’ve traveled a good bit, too.  Catherine, my wife, will do a lot more (great big, exciting world out there!), but for now most of our travel involves going to see family and friends, who are scattered all across the country.

I read, lots.  And I love to play with the kids, work in our yard (there’s always a list of projects to do), and watch stuff like Foyle’s War and The Namesake when we have time for TV or a movie.

Among the many blessings I’ve been given is to have had a few outstanding teachers.  Part of why I’m doing this program is to–I hope–pass it on.




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